Logo: A blue chevron represents the Severn and the Wye rivers as they pass through the trees of the Forest, joining at Chepstow.

2010 Archive

Image: The Village Idiot!

Image: Yours Truly amongst the Sons of the Dragon-a most welcoming and capable bunch of people

Image: Howell and Jane-most excellent cooks at Chepstow

Image: Serious Civil War type comments from Tim

Image: Grub's nearly ready !!

Image: Guests for the day - Roger and Rosemary, well known re-enactors

Some Pictures from Chepstow 2 - courtesy of The Mistress Kathy

Image: Master Tim being a bit fierce!

Image: Classes for the Quarter Staff

Image: Lawless times-the Monk takes sword instruction from the Master.

Image: Mathew of Marbury tells the Archers' story

Image: Learning the skills for life

Image: Master Tim takes a post-prandial nap!

Image: Music to cheer the spirit, provided by The Mistress Fiona

Image: A bit of practice before the competition.

Pictures from Laugharne as promised-illustrating our multi period display, more to follow.

Image: A youngster under instruction from Master Matthew

Image: Morning sunlight through the smoke of the campfire

Image: A young visitor learns the ways of the Legion with Rick...

Image: Two of the musicians entertain the visitors-Fiona and Lynne

Image: Left to right or... I dunno...just play (sorry girls)

Image: Now then-hold the wooden end and don't stand in front of the hole at the other end, that's it!

Image: Gratuitous Arty shot..

Image: Mike learns sword skills from Rick

Image: Emmy shows a guest how to play skittles

Image: Brother Aelfric looking for food or the opportunity to make money.

Image: Early Brits Sue and Chris keeping the cooking fire company and getting smoked for their trouble

Image: Minstrels ofthe Forest-hopefully with their permission!

Image: Jane sorts out the food for us-BIG thanks!

Image: Chris the Lord of Misrule-he did some very clever things with his Balls on a Wand, and juggling etc!

Image: Couldn't think of a legend for this one-well done Emmy, you finally robbed me of speech!!!

Image: Lots of attention to fine detail and work by Jane on decorations

Image: Tim drops in for lunch and to keep order amongst the peasants

Image: My Lord Jordrel with his family discuss events

Image: Ah the seasonal food on the Groaning Board-most of the groaning was us on about the cold...

Image: Most welcome item of the day-hot grub, thanks Howell.

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